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Stove Maintenance

Wonder wipes - 100 wipes tube

price£ 3.25
(inc VAT) £ 3.90

Wonder wipes, ideal for when there is no water on site.

Stove glass cleaner 650ml

price£ 8.29
(inc VAT) £ 9.95

Spray on stove glass cleaner 650ml.

Metal cutting disk 115mm

price£ 1.00
(inc VAT) £ 1.20

Ultra thin metal cutting disks. 115mm x 22.2mm.

Hot Spot black grate polish 75ml

price£ 3.95
(inc VAT) £ 4.74

Black stove and grate polish. Water based polish covers scratches and rust.

Heat resistant gloves

price£ 24.95
(inc VAT) £ 29.94

Heat resistant gloves.

Stove thermometer

price£ 7.95
(inc VAT) £ 9.54

Valiant stove thermometer. Helps to monitor and optimise the fuel efficiency of your appliance.

Moisture meter-colour change

price£ 14.95
(inc VAT) £ 17.94

Valiant moisture meter