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Gas vent flue system SFL IL

This gas vent system (SFL IL) is suitable for gas appliances, typically in domestic or small commercial installations, with draughthoods or with a flue gas temperature not exceeding 250 degrees C and zero or negative pressure in the flue.

Components lock together positively to provide a strong rigid flue system and to ensure maximum ease of site assembly.

Features of this gas vent flue.

  • Twin wall construction - Aluminium and Zalutite
  • Air gap insulates and minimises condensation
  • Low external temperature reduces clearances required to combustibles
  • Atmospheric gas fired appliances only - Zero or Negative pressures in the flue
  • CE Approved EN 1856-1 T250 N1 D Vm L11030 O(50)

SFL IL specs


More information available in the
SFL IL specs.