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10 inch (250mm) flexible chimney flue liner

Our flexible flue liners are Hetas and CE approved, made in the UK.

Suitable for use with solid fuel, wood, gas and oil appliances.

Available in cut lengths from 5 meters or coils up to 50 meters, with warranties of 15, 20, 30 years and Lifetime.

Cheap Flue Liner and Flue Liner products ?

We stock and supply quality flue liner and flue components at great prices, from British manufacturers.

Our flue liner products are made to give years of safe service in your home.

Flue liners are sometimes delivered separately from other components due to their size.

Flexible flue liner 316L 10 inch (250mm)

price£ 56.86
(inc VAT) £ 68.23

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Double wall, flexible flue liner 316 grade, suitable for wood and multifuel stoves.

Flexible flue liner 904L 10 inch (250mm)

price£ 119.90
(inc VAT) £ 143.88

LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Double wall, flexible flue liner 904 grade, suitable for wood and multifuel stoves.

Flue adapter 250mm

price£ 57.06
(inc VAT) £ 68.47

Flue adapter to connect your 250mm flue pipe to a 250mm flexible flue liner.

Top clamp (10 inch)

price£ 32.65
(inc VAT) £ 39.18

Top clamp, multi fuel, 10 inch (250mm)

Protection sleeve (10 inch)

price£ 40.77
(inc VAT) £ 48.92

Protection sleeve, multi fuel, 10 inch (250mm)

Top plate (10 inch)

price£ 37.27
(inc VAT) £ 44.72

Top plate, multi fuel, 10 inch (250mm)

Nose cone (10 inch)

price£ 80.77
(inc VAT) £ 96.92

Nose cone (aluminium), 10 inch (250mm)

Rain cap (10 inch)

price£ 99.09
(inc VAT) £ 118.91

Rain cap, multi fuel, 10 inch (250mm)

Gather hood 300mm x 400mm base (10 inch)

price£ 169.35
(inc VAT) £ 203.22

Gather hood 300mm x 300mm base with built in adapter for 10 inch flue liner.

Notice plate

price£ 3.50
(inc VAT) £ 4.20

Chimney notice plate

Vermiculite 100L bag loose fill insulation

price£ 29.95
(inc VAT) £ 35.94

Vermiculite 100L loose fill insulation