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Exodraft fan controls

Exodraft fan control units provide effective and simple control of your installed chimney fan.

Fan controls are designed to function with specific fans so please ensure compatibility when choosing.

Exodraft chimney fan - System design service and expertise

Direct flues work directly with the exodraft design experts to determine the correct solution for your situation, ensuring you get the right exodraft fan solution for your needs.

We have access to the full range of exodraft chimney fan products, so please contact us if you cannot find the specific exodraft items you require on our shop pages.

If you need help or advice specifiying the right chimney fan for your job - please contact Direct flues and let us help you get things moving in the right direction.

Exodraft fan control info

Exodraft chimney fan controls

Need more help? - Please contact us.

Exodraft EFC 16 manual fan control


price£ 167.20
(inc VAT) £ 200.64

Exodraft EFC 18 manual fan control


price£ 464.55
(inc VAT) £ 557.46

Exodraft EFC 21 manual fan control


price£ 495.90
(inc VAT) £ 595.08

Exodraft EBC 24 constant pressure regulator


price£ 1,536.15
(inc VAT) £ 1,843.38

Exodraft XZENSE wireless fan controller


price£ 893.95
(inc VAT) £ 1,072.74

Exodraft 2 pole isolation switch


price£ 129.20
(inc VAT) £ 155.04

Exodraft 4 pole isolation switch


price£ 129.20
(inc VAT) £ 155.04