Avoid cheap, poor quality flue liner.

When you choose to use a flexible flue liner it becomes an essential part of your installation – responsible for channeling the noxious and hot gasses safely out of the building.

Do not compromise on your safety just because the flue liner is hidden from view, it has a very important role to play.

The popularity of wood burning stoves has led to an increase in demand for flue liner, unfortunately for the consumer this has resulted in poor quality products hitting the market.

Direct Flues only sell flue liner that is produced by manufacturers with a proven track record in the industry.

Direct Flues - Flue liner stainless steel grades

All our flue liners are HETAS listed and suitable for use with wood, house coal, gas , oil, pellet and biomass.

If you intend to use your new stove a lot and/or burn smokeless fuel - you are best to choose 904L grade liner.

Steel Grade Information Processed coal (smokeless fuel) Slumbering /Lower temperature
316L This is the lowest grade of stainless steel flue liner we stock. Both layers are 316L grade. No No
904L The best grade stainless steel we stock both layers are 904L grade - more resistant to the corrosive substances created by combustion. Yes Yes

What flue liner diameter do I need?

Your appliance installation instructions should specify the flue liner diameter - If this is not clear - we recommend that you contact the manufacturer.

Building Regulations Approved Document J also contains guidance on flue liner sizing.

In any case, you should never reduce the diameter of the flue at any point in your installation. E.g. if your woodburning stove has a 6inch 150mm diameter outlet your flue should not be smaller in diameter.

The diameter will affect the draw of stove gases up the chimney and the performance of your stove.

flue liner for woodburning stoves

Flue liner length - get it right.

If your liner is not long enough for your installation there will undoubtedly be delays and disappointment (plus the additional cost of a correctly sized flue liner).

Adding an extra metre (or two) - will help ensure your installation goes ahead without delay and could save you far more than the small additional cost.