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7 inch (180mm) Gas liner

Flexible liner features

  • Corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel.
  • Single wall, strong seam construction.
  • Not to exceed 260 degrees centigrade.

Gas flue liner 7 inch (180mm)

price£ 24.29
(inc VAT) £ 29.15

Single wall stainless steel flexible flue liner designed for atmospheric gas appliances.

Flue adapter 180mm to 180mm

price£ 30.48
(inc VAT) £ 36.58

Connects 180mm vitreous enamel or stainless steel flue pipe to a 180mm flexible flue liner.

Gather hood 300mm x 300mm base (7 inch)

price£ 107.95
(inc VAT) £ 129.54

Gather hood 300mm x 300mm base with built in adapter for 7 inch flue liner.

Gas terminal (7 inch)

price£ 39.95
(inc VAT) £ 47.94

FGC economy gas terminal for 7 inch gas flue liner. May differ from image shown.

Gas clamp plate 7 inch

price£ 21.45
(inc VAT) £ 25.74

Gas clamp plate for 7 inch gas flue liner.