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Masterflash EPDM No 5

Masterflash EPDM No 5
ONLY £ 8.99 GB - excludes Highlands/Islands
price£ 32.46
(inc VAT) £ 38.95

This flashing is used in conjunction with a storm collar to provide a weatherproof seal where the flue passes through the roof.

Easy to customise on site to accommodate a wide range of pipe and vent diameters

Fixing kit included 10 fixings, caps, twist drill and silicone.

Temperature resistance degrees C
Low -55
High +135 (intermittent), +100 (continuous)

Metal profiled
Flat Roofs
Boats and Caravans

Flue external diameter fit
4.00 inch (102mm) - 8.25 inch (210mm)

11 x 11 inches (275 x 275 mm)